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Chinese spam – a source of eternal amusement.

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One of my spam black holes does nothing but pick up Chinese spam.

None of it ever has links in it so I don’t normally do anything with it however sometimes when I feel like being confused I run it through Google Translate.

Apparently, the blue text in this message reads

Support text <quiet edge sound> word and language <rock stone wear empty> sound chat <evoke two clear Qing dynasty> day mode <蓦山溪>, the highest <驿外断桥边> can <tear marks residual> get 58<白鹤 江入京>8电<凡九阕>子游<卮酒向人时时>Art<近中秋>15<年年年为花愁>重<不卷卷幕人>曲,巨 <杯再拜> cost-effective . <正目断>Company’s entry into the <Jun Watch> section no <Qingmen are scrap> upper limit

This is not some Chinese fortune cookie spam but down to hidden elements within the text, the original text doesn’t contain any “< >” characters yet the translated text does

Looking at the HTML of the message confirms this.

Removing the “< >” from the input text give a much more sensible translation.

Support text and voice chat mode, up to 588 electronic entertainment 15 songs, huge cost-effective. No deposit limit for company deposit

Still no links etc. but at least I know what it’s about.