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Scottish Nationalism, everyone’s pushed under the bus.

A photo of the protest outside the tory party hustings, including the banner "England out of Scotland"This article is rated as fairly difficult to read using the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease scale.

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Back in May, I wrote an article about transphobia in the SNP, pointing out how the SNP’s independence first approach leads them to a bazaar, dichotomous position that pushes their trans supporters under the bus. Recently I asked in a related facebook conversation if a Scottish Tommy Robinson like figure joined the SNP would it condemn the racism?

Of course, the racism displayed at the protest against the tory party hustings in Perth isn’t typical of the SNP. Most SNP members do not hate English people and a quick look at the comments to the original photo show that.

However, you won’t see the first minister or the SNP condemn this officially because like the transphobia, they just don’t care about the racism or anything else as long as they get independence. Don’t believe me? here’s the opening of their rule book.

First and formost Independence, then scottish interests.

Compare this to the opening of the Labour party rule book.

Clause I.
Name and objects
1) This organisation shall be known as ‘The Labour
Party’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Party’).
2) Its purpose is to organise and maintain in
Parliament and in the country a political Labour
3) The Party shall bring together members and
supporters who share its values to develop
policies, make communities stronger through
collective action and support, and promote the
election of Labour Party representatives at all
levels of the democratic process.
4) The Party shall give effect, as far as may be
practicable, to the principles from time to time
approved by Party conference.